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Social Media | Brightharbour

Social Media

What we do

We build social media platforms for organizations who are looking for new and innovative ways to empower/engage consumers & subscribers through the social syndication of media. We’re actively addressing the challenges and demands of the socializing consumer by providing services that afford personal convenience and control over the syndication of their media.

How it works

Brightharbour’s social media solution works primarily by managing relationships between providers and subscribers of content. These entities may be individual consumers, businesses, or a combination thereof. As a platform for social media management, Brightharbour has the ability to aggregate media from a variety of content “providers” and handle social accessibility and syndication mechanisms to a wide-variety of subscriber “outlets” (web, mobile, Facebook, Google, appliances, etc.). Lastly, Brightharbour establishes a new model for advertisers to engage social consumers as they enjoy socially-syndicated media.

Why it works

  • A better packaging and distribution model for personal media, designed to fit the social patterns & behaviours consumers desire most (empowerment & engagement).
  • Provides convenience & control over content (digital-device convergence creates an empowered mobile audience, resulting in an ideal platform for mobile carriers).
  • Establishes a model for brand engagement through personal media syndication.
  • New approach to advertising: engagement-based advertising play that connects consumers with brands that are contextually-relevant (time, place, content).

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