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Enterprise Syndication

So, you have a growing organization with an increasing need to share and manage content throughout the enterprise.  Your remote offices and employees would like to manage and organize content a certain way, but you still need a way to centralize and control everything in one place.  You’ve looked at SharePoint and other solutions on the market…but they are either too large and cumbersome or don’t provide the flexibility that you need to give offices and employees the freedom to organize and syndicate content as they choose.

Introducing Syndikato

Syndikato is a social content syndication solution designed for growing businesses that want to leverage the power of social media within the organization.  Think of it as cloud-storage & syndication solution for the enterprise…with features that provide users with easy control over group & content organization, while centralizing everything in a single place.  Features include:

  • Personal Digital Locker
  • Private vs. public content
  • Organizational “Memberships” (for Offices, Divisions, Social Groups, etc.)
  • Membership “roles” (Owner, Editor, User)
  • Media “Cabinets” (for personal/group control over content organization & syndication)
  • Membership Invitations (invite others to an existing Membership)
  • Support for all types of media (documents, images, videos, sounds, etc.)
  • Web service API for customization, expansion
Interested in seeing more?  Go ahead and take a test-drive for yourself!

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