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A.D Kent

President, CEO

Brightharbour was founded by A.D. Kent in 2007. He is an expert in insurance and social media solutions, and has over 17 years of experience delivering profitable enterprise-class solutions for a variety of market verticals.

Prior to founding Brightharbour, A.D. was an Architect for Docucorp International. He was responsible for strategic design & delivery of Docucorp’s historically profitable policy issuance solution for the web (iPPS/iDocumaker). He was also the chief author and architect of their SOA (SaaS) execution strategy for Documaker, called EWPS.

Since founding Brightharbour, A.D. has overseen and implemented countless Oracle Documaker policy and claims solutions for a multitude of insurance carriers of all sizes. Sample engagements include:

  • Numerous legacy Documerge-to-Documaker migrations, including the design & development of various utilities to facilitate the forms-conversion process.
  • Multiple JSF-based claims solutions featuring Oracle Documaker, EWPS & WIPEdit, using multiple web-services to facilitate front-end functionality and custom “complete” functionality for local & host-print.
  • Specialized PPS distribution portal for Company-to-Agency library packaging & distribution.
  • JSP-based claims system featuring EWPS, WIPEdit, and customized web services, including complex “complete” processing.
  • Unique policy solutions integrating AQS with custom-built services for data-mapping and Oracle Documaker’s EWPS for policy completion.


E-mail: info@brightharbour.com
Phone: (404) 946-3342

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    Phone: (404) 946-3342
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    Email: info@brightharbour.com